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                      Horse Logo
Distributor of Black Horse, ARF Model Airplanes for the
United States, Canada, and South America.

Scale - CAP 232
CAP 232 Special Sale

US $ 140.00

The Black Horse ARF model planes are built by skilled builders.
All kits come with hinged and pinned aileron, elevator, and rudder.
Some also come with pre-installed push rods with double casing.
Almost ready to fly
Each model is beautifully packaged in a colorful box and each part of the plane is individually wrapped in a plastic bag to avoid any rips or tears in the coverings. These attractive ARF models are easy to assemble and come with a detailed instruction manual.
American Pioneer Hobbies supports many North and South American dealers.
If your dealer does not carry our products
you can order direct from us.
Dealer Inquiries Welcome.

Phone: (413) 626-7485
         or (309) 696-4146


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